Roselyn House School and The RHISE Centre Art, Photography and Poetry Competition.


We have chosen 5 Women Artists from around the World and have set 4 briefs for each, to create art around their styles and inspiration. This covers a multiple of medium including photography and poetry. We have also included some of March’s themes of Wildlife, Science, How we treat others and Identity.



 Yayoi Kusama

  1. Compose a painting inspired by Kusama’s “My Eternal Soul” series. Use close -up pictures of animal and plant cells and other interesting living organisms to use as inspiration.
  2. Create a polka dot inspired design of a flower or a person.
  3. Take a close up photograph of a pattern or an eye (s).
  4. Write a poem based around ‘Infinity’.



 Jessi Raulet

  1. Paint a patterned heart in the style of EttaVee.
  2. Create a patterned background in the style of EttaVee. Then, choose one positive or uplifting word to incorporate into the design.
  3. Take a photograph of a bold pattern.
  4. Write a poem based around ‘Positivity’.



Yellena James

  1. Create a mandala inspired by Yellena James’ swirling compositions. Then, draw organic forms and circular patterns.
  2. Using plants and flowers found in the local area, create detailed botanical illustrations using fine liners or coloured pencils, focusing on capturing the intricate details and textures of each plant.
  3. Take a photograph of seashells.
  4. Write a poem based around ‘Under Water’.



Nikki Farquharson

  1. Create a self-portrait using mixed-media, incorporating elements that represent your unique identities and personalities, such as patterns, symbols, and colours.
  2. Pick one uplifting word (such as powerful, hope, or believe) and design creative typography using Farquharson’s bold and vibrant style.
  3. Produce a photograph of a posed model incorporating a bold pattern.
  4. Write a poem based around ‘Identity’.



 Elizabeth Catlett

  1. Using Catlett’s collage works as inspiration, create a collage from magazines, newspapers, and construction paper that illustrates a personal narrative. Explore themes of resilience, community, and empowerment.
  2. Design a poster that raises awareness about an important social justice issue, such as racial equality, gender equity, or environmental justice. Use powerful imagery, bold colors, and succinct messages to communicate your message.
  3. Produce a photograph based around community.
  4. Write a poem based around ‘Resilience’.





















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