Mental Health Month Photography Competition

As part of Mental Health Awareness Month, students were invited to take part in a photography competition. Whilst busy out and about in the local area, they used the camera to take shots of ‘from my lens to yours,’ capturing images that both motivated the students and made them feel a sense of wonder with the world around them. These students not only engaged but came alive as they were put behind the camera. It was truly inspiring to see. Students showed remarkable character and insight as they sought to photograph things that both inspired them and gave a glimpse into their thoughts and feelings.


Mr King, Pathway to Adulthood Lead, organised for this competition to take place and said,

‘The students were absolutely fantastic and showed great enthusiasm and skill. I'm delighted with the results…Personally for me, it was a joy watching all our students 'come out of their shells' and approach the competition with such gusto and creativity. I know they enjoyed it too. Call me biased, but I truly believe we have some of the best students who are true overcomers in every sense of the word.’


Students were awarded 1st Place- £30 voucher, 2nd Place- £20 voucher, 3rd Place- £10 voucher, a special letter from the Headteacher and certificate and their photographs are being turned into canvas prints to be displayed at The RHISE Centre for everyone to see.


It is hoped that all entries to the competition will be utilised in a future Enterprise project to raise money for charity.

Take a look at the amazing photographs


First Prize

Second Prize

Third Prize

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