Green Trees School

Roselyn House School is proud to announce we have recently been awarded the Green Tree School Bronze award. The final part of the Bronze scheme involved the planting of several tree saplings in our beautiful gardens

This year Roselyn House is continuing in its pursuit of becoming the most environmentally friendly school we can be. Coinciding with our Eco Schools programme, we are now working towards achieving a standard with the Woodlands Trust, in becoming a 'Green Tree School'. Striving towards the Bronze, Silver, Gold and finally the Platinum award.

To achieve each award, the school must participate in activities in which we implement strategies to make our school greener (We do a lot already). Each completed activity will result in points awarded. These points add up and eventually give us an award status.

Bronze - 5 points 

Silver - 10 points 

Gold - 15 points 

Platinum - 30 points 

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