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Administration of Medication


Administration of medication


Medication is only permitted to be brought into school by students with full parental consent form and medication to be in original packaging with full instructions and leaflet containing side effects.


Medication to be taken to the school office immediately upon arrival at School / The RHISE Centre.    


Mrs Smith / Mrs Mercer to log medication into Medication Book at Roselyn House School or Mrs Higgins/ Mrs Taylor at The RHISE Centre  clearly stating how many tablets have been received and the exact medication details including dosage of tablets.


Medication to be locked in the safe immediately.


When medication is to be administered the student will be taken to the school office.    Designated staff will remove the medication from the safe and administer the medication.


Details of medication administered to be logged in the Medication Book and signed off by designated staff.


Where possible young person to sign the book (students often refuse to do this).


June 2022

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