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Serious Incident Procedure



Should a serious incident happen during the school day, below is the structure that is to be followed:



  • When a Serious Incident occurs that involves Physical Intervention (and all parties have moved through the crisis stage).
  • The initial information will be logged on CPOMS and Mr Birkenhead and Mrs Mercer will be alerted to this.
  • A one-line entry will be entered into the Serious Incident book by the Admin Team.
  • The admin team will input this number and information onto the individual student’s serious incident sheet. This will be emailed to the member of staff whom led the physical intervention.
  • All staff involved are to complete the reporting process (within 24 hours). This is to include external phone calls.
  • The Reflection, Repair and Rebuild process is to begin as soon after the incident as is feasibly and realistically possible (dependant on the student and the nature/ level of the incident). The incident must be reviewed by the student, members of staff involved and member of the SLT if required.
  • Any Serious Incident Forms will be uploaded to CPOMS by Admin Team.




Reviewed June 2022


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