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At RHS, life has temporarily  changed since lockdown. Many aspects of school life have had to be put on hold until September. Eco Schools is not one of those aspects. Since lockdown began, RHS has continued to work towards our silver award.  The most important aspect for us to remember in working toward this, is to remember that every school is different. It is critical that our school fits the 7 steps around our circumstances and situation and NOT try to fit RHS into the 7 steps.

With that in mind, RHS has continued weekly trips to the recycling centre. We have had a recycling area built on school site. We have clearly labelled receptacles around school which are monitored and cleaned weekly.

Eco committee students have been litter picking around the school grounds and recycling the litter accordingly.

This summer term, students have used recycled material to make a useable drum kit and other percussion based instruments.

Moving forward, September will see our committee complete our Eco-schools environmental review and display this on our updated notice board. The results from the review will also be communicated to the whole school.

We are also hoping to have an Eco schools day(or morning/afternoon) at some point in the Autumn term. This time would see all or most lessons be based on environmental issues. This will be both celebratory and perfect for making sure that all students are engaged with environmental education. It will also help with gathering evidence for our Silver Award.

If possible, before Spring Term, Environmental issues will have been covered in at least 3 areas of our school curriculum. Hopefully, this will be evident in pupil’s work, lesson plans and/or schemes of work.

Examples are...

  • English – write a story about an animal living within your school grounds.
  • Science – identify the plants within school grounds, how does this vary across the seasons?
  • Maths- design a new eco-school playground; plot the playground on graph paper and work out the area and perimeter of your different eco-features.

The possibilities are endless and we are looking forward to resuming the push toward our Silver Award.

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