Mental Health Focus Week

Our Mental Health focus week has been an extremely positive one. Staff and students have discussed various topics around keeping themselves and others safe when it comes to Mental Health.


Students and staff have achieved the 'Be There' qualification in CCC and PSHE lessons throughout the week.


The student council planned and led 'Well Being cafe' was a great success and it was amazing to see everyone engaging in positive conversation whilst displaying life skills.


Students and staff have also engaged in sports afternoons, where students have supported each other and displayed teamwork. 


There has also been a photography competition; looking at the theme of Mental Health Awareness.



Be There Certificate

Earn your Be There Certificate!!


Lady Gaga and her Born This Way Foundation have launched a new resource for young people for their mental health.

Gaga and Born This Way have teamed up with Canadian charity to offer the Be There Certificate, a free online mental health course for youth and youth advocates.

The course is designed to teach people how to recognise when someone might be struggling and learn ways to be a support.



1. Say what you see

2. Show you care

3. Hear them out

4. Know your role

5. Connect to help

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