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RHISE and Post 16 Provision


A few years into Roselyn House School opening, we realised that certain students struggled to cope within their class groups in school, despite being small, due to their anxieties and issues around working with others and that the classroom just wasn’t for them five days a week. 


We started to formulate more individualised programmes of study and for some students this meant 1:1 interventions to look at ways that we could help them develop social, relationship and learning skills. For some this worked on a short term basis and they could be reintegrated in class groups and for others, it became their lifeline to success.  


We started to see more and more students requiring this ‘out of the box’ approach to learning, and as our reputation grew, we started to be asked to educate more disaffected young people on a 1:1 basis. Initially, we utilised areas in the community, students’ houses and even rented rooms in churches to provide these specific approaches to learning.  


Back in 2017 we found the office block that is the RHISE Centre and felt it had the right atmosphere for a quiet learning environment where we could carry out some of these interventions. After receiving planning permission for change of use from Offices to Education, we were up and running.  


In 2018, we were approached by the Local Authority to offer tutoring for hard to place young people in Lancashire on bespoke programmes. We started to grow these type of referrals.


In 2019, we approached the DfE to allow for these students to be registered. On the back of this, we increased our registration numbers from 40 students to 70. (This means we can take a maximum of 70 students across both sites). Our provision is named on the student’s EHCP as Roselyn House School (The RHISE Service).


Our students on The RHISE Service consist of students who have transitioned from school to Sixth Form, started with us Post 16 or for specific intervention, full time placements and specific bespoke programmes which are negotiated Termly. 


Students who are school age should have 26 hours of education per week and Post 16 students 18 hours per week. These can be made up with therapies along with learning.


In 2022 we transitioned the Year 11 students from the main school site also to The RHISE Centre as we felt that they were better suited to an older cohort since there was a large intake of Year 7 students.

For RHISE, students follow Pathways in Entry Level, Level 1, Functional Skills, GCSE, NCFE and A Level Qualifications. 


Timetables are flexible to fit with individual programme of study for Key Stage 4 and 5.

In our 6th Form, courses are be-spoke to the individual and focus on the subjects relevant to the young person and their progression into adulthood, further/ higher education, employment and training. 


There is an individualised focus on Adulthood Skills where training takes place in order to develop the student for independence moving into adult life. These are often accredited with AQA Unit Award Scheme. 


We offer qualifications in English, Maths, Science, Personal Social Health Education (PSHE), Employability, Enterprise, Art and Design, Physical Education, Hair and Beauty, Health and Social Care, Photography, Statistics, Child Care, Religious Education, Geography, History, Sports, ICT, Computer Maintenance, Equine Studies, Car Mechanics, Painting and Decorating, Plumbing, Catering, Hospitality, Fishing Management, Farm Studies, Food Studies, Music, Music Production, Dance, Drama, Duke of Edinburgh Award, Life Skills, Independent Living Skills, Social Interaction Skills, Communication in the Community. If we cannot provide teaching for some of the above qualifications outside of the national curriculum, we outsource to either Colleges or vocational placements in the area.  


Students take part in work experience placements, vocational courses and college tasters/ part time courses. 


Enrichment/therapeutic activities may include; Outdoor Education, Boxing, Horse Riding, Farm, Football, Computing, Rock Climbing, Small Animal Care, Trampolining, Fishing, other Sports and Therapeutic Art. 


There are small class groups and 1:1 teaching at our RHISE Centre, vocational placements, alternative provision, college and work experience opportunities. In addition there are Outreach programmes for individual students which can take place 1:1 at The RHISE Centre or in the local community. 


Each student will have a main focus on Maths, English, PSHE, Lifeskills, Employability/ Enterprise and vocational skills, preparing for adulthood and Healthy Living. They will then focus on individual areas to develop.


We work with our LAC young adults to help support semi/independent living/life skills and provide opportunities and guidance within their local community. All students are supported in a vocational profile and trained staff work closely to find appropriate and sustainable destinations for when a student moves on from us.


If you require further information on the RHISE project please contact Rachel Smith on 01772 435948 or email

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