23 March 2022





Dear Parents/ Carers,


Following an increase in cases of Covid- 19 at school and in the wider community, this has sadly caused some disruption to face to face learning within one of the groups, I wanted to write to you with regard the importance of encouraging your child to continue twice weekly testing.


The Government removed the guidance for staff and students in most education and childcare settings to undertake twice-weekly asymptomatic testing.


However, staff and students of secondary age and above in SEND settings, alternative provision settings, and SEND units within mainstream settings or equivalent in further education colleges are advised to continue twice-weekly testing. (SEND and specialist settings: additional Covid-19 operational guidance- February 2022).


This is because we have closer contact with our students and is our best safety measure to identify cases quickly in a smaller environment.


Tests kits are sent home with students and testing is available at school.


We aim to continue education as normal, as the last two years have thrown us enough challenges, however when we have a large number of staff absence, due to being a small environment with 70 students and 35 staff, this affects us greatly and disrupts the running of individual groups.


Testing continues to be our greatest defence in detecting most cases early and minimising transmission. Please continue to encourage your child to complete twice weekly tests.


We still have a number of vulnerable students and staff and urge people where possible to take up vaccines and boosters offered.


Thankyou, for your support in this and all matters.


Miss D


Roselyn House School and The RHISE Service

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