16 December 2021


Good afternoon everyone,


It’s almost Christmas, the excitement is starting to build and our students continue to sparkle.


We have had a fabulous Term and a brilliant start to the academic year. We have seen many of our students come on in leaps and bounds in confidence, academic achievement, sense of community spirit and care for others.


We have a successful School Council who already have implemented new ideas in the School and have been involved in fundraising for Charity. It is heartfelt and I know there are more ideas to come. I have particularly enjoyed this term receiving individual letters from Students in their creative writing lessons and have been impressed with the levels of ideas and research. We may have some future Politicians in our midst.


It hasn’t been a Term without challenges and sadly due to Covid and the new Omicron variant, they continue. It has worked well remaining in smaller groups and having limited cross over but we have seen an increase in cases. We do everything we can to ensure our Students can attend school. Please encourage your child to keep twice weekly testing and to continue to do so over the Christmas break. Staff will do the same.


The Government has advised schools to test students before they return in January. Therefore, the first day, Tuesday 4th January, we will come out to do doorstep testing. Staff will complete an LFT prior to coming in. There will be remote learning in place that day. We have proven this is the safest way to return following a break.


In light of the rising case rates and the new variant, we are asked to remind you that vaccinating young people and yourselves is important in order to keep education staff, friends and family members safe.


Booster jabs or first and second doses are available to book online for 18+ and there are walk in vaccine centres popping up in your local areas. 16-17 year olds can also get second doses too.


12-15 year olds who are not vaccinated can book an appointment out of school on the National Booking System and from 20 December those eligible for second doses will be able to book.


On returning to school, we will continue to ask students and staff to wear face coverings on transport and also in communal areas of the school as per Government Guidance. People can also wear them in the classroom if they so choose. We will continue with strict hygiene and protective measures.


We will also be asking any visitors to school to take a LFT before attending. Close contacts of any Covid variant will also be asked to take LFT’s daily for 7 days.


All these measures are here to protect us all and allow for School to continue as well as it can under the current circumstances.


We will be sending £30.00 of FSM vouchers to cover the Christmas break.


All this said, we all hope you have a Fantastic Christmas and a very safe and Peaceful New Year and very much look forward to an exciting return in January 2022.


All the best from us all at Roselyn House School and The RHISE Service.


Take care and see you soon,


Miss D


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