lancashire sen school
lancashire sen school


After speaking with****** mum this week, she had nothing but lovely things to say about ****** 1st week at RHS.


She says that ****** ‘springs out of bed in the morning and hurries mum on to get him to school quickly.’


Mum says that ******* has never felt this way about any school in the past and it’s lovely to see him this way.

‘Hi how are all you doing? I am doing a construction course in September and I have now achieved my Maths and English. I miss you all and are getting my own house soon. I could not have done it without you guys. Thankyou.’

‘I am missing you lot already but I am doing well at College and Thankyou for everything. I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for you lot. You actually saved my life!’

‘Thankyou so much for everything that you have done for my son and helping him to get into College. He will absolutely smash it now. You are brilliant people.’

Hi just wanted to let you know, I am now in London going to College and studying Fashion Design. I hope everyone is ok at school and thankyou for bringing out the best in me.’

‘I now believe in myself and make my family proud.’

Afternoon, just a quick email to say thank you for encouraging ****, I believe she's had a great few days in school and that's really paying off at home. Her mood has lifted considerably over the last couple of days, and she seems really positive about trying to get out and join in more. Thanks again for the support ****

‘Thank you to all staff for all your hard work and kindness. We hope you have a well deserved and smashing Christmas Break.’


Thank you to everyone for making me feel so welcome.’

Hi to all staff.  We wanted to send you this postcard from Greece.  Today ### has been learning some Greek words and doing well. We’re sure she will have some stories to tell you when she is back in school.  Bye for now.’

‘Thankyou for everything you’ve done, I’ll never be grateful enough.’ p.s. you are the best Head Teacher.

‘Thank you in a short time, you have given ### the best months of her school years. You all do a wonderful job.  Your pupils are very lucky.’

‘Thank you for everything you have been doing for ###. He is so much happier and for the first time in years we feel like school can be successful for him.  For us, having professionals who truly understand him has made the world of difference to us.  Every mainstream teacher could learn so much from your school.’

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