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Absconsion Policy


Off Site and Absconsion Policy


A student is deemed to have absconded if they have left the school site without the permission of any professional within the building.

If a student is late to a lesson then they must be dealt with appropriately by the subject teacher, in the first instance, giving the student the opportunity to ‘get it right’.

KS3 who are allowed off site, are to be accompanied by a member of staff. KS4/5 students who wish to go offsite, a verbal agreement is permitted dependant on the reasons for their offsite request. The above is only permitted during break times.

Students who are allowed offsite and do not behave appropriately will have this privilege taken off them until further notice and only re-instated by a SLT.

Absconsion procedure

When a student is not present when they should be this must be reported to the Group Lead immediately.

  • The interior of the building will be searched.
  • Exterior/ grounds of building may be searched.
  • If the student has been seen leaving the school premises, a member of staff will follow them.
  • A vehicle/ escort will be sent to search the local area.
  • Members of staff should not run out on to roads to chase students.
  • If a student runs onto the motorway, staff should not follow them, they should call the Police immediately (999).
  • Parents/ Carers to be informed of absconsion.
  • Absconsion Form to be completed.
  • Police to be informed if appropriate – timescale to be determined by the risk management of the individual young person.
  • Consequence for Absconsion to be implemented at appropriate level.


Absconsion Consequence

Students who go off site without permission will have privileges stopped depending on the nature of the absconsion.  This will be managed by the Group Lead. The student will fill out an Absconsion Form and the Group Lead will discuss the Policy with the student.

If the student has been to the shop during this time, any items purchased may be confiscated. Any member of staff can do this.

If a student continues to abscond the consequence will escalate appropriately, and as follows;

  • Miss break times.
  • Privileges stopped. 
  • Withdrawal from Class.
  • Contact with home.
  • After school detention and a later return home.

Energy drinks are not allowed in school and this will be seen as a violation of the trust a student has been given. All energy drinks will be confiscated and not returned.

Any suspected use of alcohol or drugs must be reported immediately to a member of SLT and Policy applied.


Reviewed June 2022



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