Admissions Policy




Any enquiry regarding placement for a student at Roselyn House School will require a copy of the individual student’s statement/ referral notes, together with relevant current assessments.


Once this is received, the Headteacher will make relevant notes regarding each student’s individual requirements.


This will then be discussed internally between both the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher as Proprietors of KS Education Limited. Following this, the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher will contact the relevant Education Authority and where necessary, discuss the student with his/ her placement officer.


Any referrals sent will be recorded in a database so that at any time information should be available for inspection.


Once satisfied the school will organise a non-prejudicial visit; where prospective students, parents/guardian/ foster parents/social workers and educational welfare officers will be invited to attend.


Students and visiting parties will be shown around and offered a full introduction to the facilities, procedures and curriculum on offer; taking into account specific individual needs. At the end of the visit, all will meet with the Headteacher for a feedback session.


After this visit, further visits can be arranged and the Headteacher/ Deputy Headteacher will be available to discuss any additional matters.


Once the student and his/ her parent/ carer is satisfied then discussion between the Headteacher/ Deputy Headteacher will take place in order to arrange a starting date.   This is encouraged to begin quickly on agreement so as to reintegrate the individual back into education as soon as possible.

The student and his/ her family will be given details of ‘induction’ together with a prospectus and consent forms.


The student will be collected each day from home and transported to school.


Roselyn House School will develop strong links between school and home and issues arising from individual behavior will be honest and open for discussion at any time with the relevant staff.




Roselyn House School is a school which caters for the needs of individual students who demonstrate a range of social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. However, this school reserves the right to refuse admission to students who demonstrate extreme behaviours, where Roselyn House School feels it cannot meet those specific requirements.


Students who may require one to one supervision will be considered so as to ensure an adequate staff supervision ratio. However, Roselyn House School will attempt to administer specific requirements by the employment of outside agencies or supply staff in specialist care areas.


Individuals who have a history of misuse of illegal substance, violence involving a weapon and arson may be searched and closely monitored throughout the school day. Any illegal substances and/ or weapon found on his/ her person will be confiscated and relevant authorities notified.


Admissions will also be accepted on a short term assessment basis where the future of the student would be determined on a one to one assessment programme of learning support.


Reviewed by the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher September 2016