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We have recognised the need for a flexible and creative approach to the education we deliver to our young people. This has developed into a comprehensive system of individualised packages which includes one to one learning, off-site learning, e-learning, therapeutic and vocational packages / programmes.


We understand that some young people require sympathetic approaches to learning and Social / Emotional development. Every child has the right to an education which suits them, so we have to be flexible in how this is delivered.


This flexible learning is working well with our existing students on such programmes.

They are all making significant progresss and steps are being taken to integrate them back into school. This is why we are able to offer this service beyond Roselyn House School.


Individualised packages are now available to support young people who are on roll at mainstream schools. This may be to assist in supporting a young person in terms of SEN, curriculum attainment, low attendance, challenging behaviour, developing self-esteem, re-tracking or just that something different to help move them forward.


We have a team of staff who are experienced in the SEN environment and have confidence supporting young people who pose that additional challenge. We can match them to a variety of needs and offer individualised packages in Curriculum teaching, Literacy / Numeracy support, therapeutic activities and SEAL / Anger Management intervention. This is available on a need only basis.

If you require further information on the RHISE project please contact Rachel Smith on 01772 435948 or email

School Nurse Info

The school nursing team will continue to operate whilst schools are closed. 

Should your child need to access the school nurse then please telephone 0300 247 0040. The confidential chat health text service is available to students  Mondays to Friday  between the hours of 9-5. The text number is 07507330510


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