Points System and Reward

The points system has been developed in consultation with staff and students. It is a positive reward system that is easy for the students to understand and allows relatively instant rewards, or the opportunity to delay a reward and accumulate points over several weeks. The system encourages students to respect themselves, the school and the people in it. The points system includes, a lunchtime star, a Token and lesson based points.


The class points system allows students to earn six points each lesson. These points are made of personal learning targets and more general classroom based targets. These points are recorded and shared with the students at the end of each lesson, and are an important part of the learning process, allowing students to self evaluate and reflect on their success. At the end of each week the students have an opportunity to spend their points at the school shop, where there is a wide range of gender and age appropriate items. Alternatively, the students can save up over a number of weeks and gain a more valuable item. The points gained in class accumulate over a term and the top six scoring students are taken out for a reward day.


A Token system runs alongside the lesson based points allowing students to receive immediate positive reinforcement. If full points are gained in lesson 1 and 2 they can use their token to exchange something from the Rewards Shop. The same applies after lessons 3 and 4.


At lunchtime the students are given the opportunity to satisfy three targets in order to gain a star at the end of the serving. This star can then be exchanged for a milkshake/fruit juice.


 These targets are:


Be responsible for serving and clearing your own meal

Show respect for each other

Demonstrate good table manners


The points system can be adapted and/or changed to meet the needs of the students in school. It is regularly evaluated by both students, staff and Senior Management to ensure that it is a tool that really does assist students in reaching their full potential both socially and academically.