Education Aims

To develop the trust, confidence, motivation, concentration, imagination and co-operation skills necessary to learn, interact and benefit from a "school ethos" in its broadest sense.


To enable students to benefit from specialist provision allowing them to address their difficulties and begin to fulfil their educational potential.


To engender worthwhile and trusting relationships between students/students, students/teaching staff and students/other significant adults.


To give students positive and rewarding experiences enabling them to behave and respond with positive attitudes and responses to demands, requirements and ultimate objectives of a school environment.


To equip all students with the resources and skills to either continue their education to the best of their ability within other schools or to move out into society with knowledge and skills relevant to social, emotional, educational and vocational needs.


To enable all students to leave school with independence, academic and vocational, external/internal qualifications commensurate with their ability and achievements at school; allowing them to go onto a successful post 16 future.