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English is a central subject, the ability to read, write and understand texts aids students in accessing almost every other subject within the curriculum.  In English at Roselyn House School, we aim to inspire students to value the pleasure that can be found in reading and writing, whilst supporting and enabling our students in the development of functional literacy and the communication skills required for the next step in our students lives. 


Our aim is for every student to gain qualifications within their capability.  Students work towards AQA qualifications including Entry Level, Functional Skills and GCSE.


At Entry Level students are encouraged to develop the skills they need to read and understand a range of texts as well as to write clearly, coherently and accurately using a range of vocabulary and sentence structures.    Paving a clear progression towards GCSE.


At GCSE students of all abilities are supported to develop the skills they need to read, understand and analyse a wide range of different texts covering the 19th, 20th and 21st century time periods as well as to write clearly, coherently and accurately using a range of vocabulary and sentence structures.


Physical Education

The main aim of Physical Education at Roselyn House School is to promote a healthy, active lifestyle. This is achieved by providing pupils with opportunities to participate in a range of different activities. In Key Stage 3 and 4 pupils can access traditional national curriculum sports such as badminton, basketball, football, athletics, cricket and rounders. Pupils are also provided with a range of different activities aimed at targeting pupils that don’t enjoy traditional sports. These activities include boxing, crown green bowls, climbing and the gym. At Key Stage 4 pupils can access a Sports qualification, NCFE Level 1 in Sport. The qualification is a mix of practical and theoretical elements of sport and sports coaching, including anatomy and physiology, sport in the community and coaching practice.


Within Key stage 3, Maths lessons learning outcomes are focused upon applying learning to real life situations, combining the Maths curriculum with life experiences, focusing upon enhancing students confidence in using Maths to improve their lives and outcomes. In key stage 4 the focus is upon maximising the level and quality of accreditation and ensuring that where possible ALL students leave Roselyn House school with a Maths qualification.

Community, Cultural and Citizenship (CCC)


In CCC lessons students are encouraged to look at themselves and the world around them and start to form their own thoughts and opinions on the issues and events that take place in the world that impacts on their lives and those around them. 


We aim to prepare the students to play an active role as citizens.


Students are taught to talk and write about their opinions, and explain their views, on issues that affect themselves and society.  Encouraged to recognise their worth as individuals by identifying positive things about themselves and their achievements, seeing their mistakes, making amends and setting personal goals and to face new challenges positively by collecting information, looking for help, making responsible choices, and taking action.  


Students will explore why and how rules and laws are made and enforced, why different rules are needed in different situations and how to take part in making/changing rules.  They will look at different kinds of responsibilities, rights and duties at home, at school and in the community, and how these can sometimes conflict with each other. 


Students will learn to appreciate the range of national, regional, religious and ethnic identities in the United Kingdom and explore how the media present information.


Students will also look at topics such as:


  • Beliefs
  • Global issues
  • Practices and belonging
  • Relationship and lifestyle
  • Morals and Ethics
  • Media
  • Science and Religion



This year in history lessons at Roselyn House students have been studying medieval Britain and the middle ages. Students have investigated the turmoil, crisis and the creation of a state.  We have studied the Magna Carta and the horrors of the black death. Students have learned that the Middle Ages was apeiod of massive social change, growing nationalism, international conflict, terrible natural disaster, climate change, rebellion, resistance and renaissance. 

Other topics within the unit include the Battle of Hastings, the conflict between church and state, motte and bailey castles and the Bayeaux Tapestry. 

This unit helps to support the next topic students will cover, The Crusades which were the series of military campaigns during the time of medieval England against the Muslims of the Middle East.

Food Technology

Learning about food, nutrition and cooking is a vital and fundamental life skills. It allows students to gain confidence around food and gives them an understanding about the importance of eating and maintaining a health lifestyle and balanced diet. We also look at foods from around the world and look at how different cultures see food. This allows students to understanding how different religions and cultures view food. Students also understand the importance of what behaviour, hygiene skills are required to work in a kitchen environment. Students then gain new skills and confidence which will enable students to gain skills to an important life skill. Our aim at Roselyn House is for students to leave us with the basic cooking skills to be able to thrive as an independent person.



In science at RHS this year we have completed 2 units in both key stage 3 and key stage 4.

All students have covered an introductory unit on the scientific method and lab safety.

The focus for students is to build on prior knowledge and to develop a deeper and understanding of the importance of safety in the science lab. Students are encouraged to become with familiar with the science lab and equipment. Students have learned about Fair testing through constants and variables and prediction.

All students are encouraged to engage and are supported in the process of making observations and collecting results. Students across Key stage 3 and 4 received AQA unit award scheme accreditation for successful completion of the unit.


Students have also completed a unit on separating mixtures and building blocks. Starting with the make up and nature of molecules and atoms, students worked through the periodic table of elements to gain a deeper understanding of basic chemistry and the use of chemicals in the science lab. All students conducted 3 different experiments on separating mixtures through chromatography and distillation. As part of the final assessment, students were required to present their results and conclusions to their classes.

Students also gained AQA UAS accreditation for successful completion of this unit


Students are are currently studying a unit on Food and the digestive system.

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