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              Covid -19 Important Information for Parents & Carers

13th May 2020

Dear Families,


We hope you and yours continue to be safe and well.


Firstly, thankyou! We continue to be impressed on how supportive you are and how you have responded to the challenges that this current situation has posed. In a short space of time, (I know it must feel longer), together we have worked together on changing what Roselyn House School and The RHISE Service offer but I am sure you will agree that the efforts of us all continues to help support our students, their well-being and educational development.


I’ve got to thank all the staff for their continued efforts and urge your children to look at some of the fantastic videos that are on Roselyn House School You Tube Channel, website and Roselyn Community Facebook page. There is something for everyone, Mr Violet’s drumming challenges, Mr Tate’s fitness challenges, Mr Haworth’s Cookery instruction and Mr Hartley’s Science experiments. Not to mention some of the group videos that we have all done.


We continue to email and post work out to students along with Skype lessons. If you are not yet involved in this then please contact school via email or phone and these can be arranged.


We are now on twitter and can be found @RoselynSchool- take a look. We are utilising different social media so that we have the best chance of staying in touch.


We are this week posting out an activity pack, which every member of staff has contributed to, which is aimed to be educational and fun. Please show us what your children are doing by posting work back to us, handing it over at home visits- place it on the floor outside your home, taking a photo and emailing it or sending it to the Community Facebook Page. We really want to see it!


I’m sure by now you have heard the announcement of the Prime Minister about plans for the wider opening of schools from 1st June only if it is ‘safe to do so’. The announcement has said Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 Primary could be phased back and that Year 10 and Year 12 Secondary should have some opportunity to have some face to face time with their Teachers.


The Government has produced Guidance for schools- Actions for education and childcare settings to prepare for wider opening from 1st June 2020. In this document, it states that Special Schools can decide which students, from differing year groups, that we may include, based on the risk assessments for need that we currently carry out weekly. This could be on a part-time basis. We will work closely with local authorities on this and when we have more information we will let you know. Please feel free to discuss your thoughts and feelings on this the next time you receive a well-being call.


There has been a lot of talk in the press about school places for vulnerable students not being used and the government has been asking for more vulnerable students to attend. To be clear, this is for the places that were originally offered for ‘the most at risk’ students and at Roselyn House School 100% of these places are currently attended.


We have managed a rota where all students continue to have home visits and this is wonderful to hear how successful these are. Can I just remind everyone that social-distancing measures still need to be adhered to and can only take place 2metres away from the house. This is for the safety of everyone involved.


The risk of the Coronavirus is still at dangerous levels of infection despite some changes to the lockdown and we have stringent procedures to follow both in school and for home visits. Please can I remind you all of the importance of social-distancing and washing hands regularly for 20 seconds. In addition to this, the government has published guidance to wear masks if you need to use public transport.


New guidance has been published for Parents and Carers,


We continue to produce FSM Vouchers and support our families and students the best

way we can. I would like to ensure you that we put first and foremost the individual needs of our students, staff and our families. You are always at the forefront of our thinking and approach.


If you have an queries in this matter do not hesitate to call : 01772 435 948 or email For students work, please send to


Warmest wishes and regards


Miss D


Sharon Damerall


Roselyn House School/ The RHISE Service



                                                                                                    4 May 2020



Dear Parents / Carers


Please find attached updated guidance for Parents and Carers as published 1st May with regard schools from the Department for Education.



The guidance has been updated with additional information on the Friday, 8th May Bank Holiday and updates relating to the support and educational resources available to parents to help them educate their children at home.


School will be open on the Bank Holiday for our most high-risk students and some home visits will take place.


Some of you have been asking about free laptops and use of 4G. The situation is currently:


There are 2 groups of children and young people eligible for a laptop or tablet who currently lack access. The first is care leavers and children who receive support from a social worker (including families with pre-school children with a social worker, as well as older children), who need to keep in touch with social care services. The second group are disadvantaged students who would not otherwise have access to online learning and are preparing for exams (in Year 10).


We have been informed that this will be decided by the placing authority and it will be their responsibility to distribute them to schools. This is anticipated to be no sooner than June for those who are eligible.


Thankyou, for your kind support in this and all matters



Yours sincerely



Miss S Damerall     



                           29 April 2020


Hi everyone


Just wanted to give you a quick Hello and let you know we are missing you. We want to provide you with some current updates.

The situation, still remains the same at this time and we hope you are taking full advantage of the work packs (posted and e-mailed), online learning and social media Platforms that are available to all students.

We continue to carry out welfare calls and are getting round as many students who we haven’t seen in a while for home visits. These are being done at a safe distance but are proving to be invaluable for Parents/Carers and students alike. It is nice for the staff to see you too.

We have been busy with our new You Tube Channel, found if you search, Roselyn House School and staff are becoming very creative, I have to say. I too have posted a message sent from all of us with, I hope, some helpful tips.

We continue to post to our Roselyn Community, Facebook Page and now have students emailing us at the e-mail address, with some fantastic work and videos. I will be looking at awarding some Headteacher Awards in due course. These, also go on the school and RHISE websites too. and

We want to hear from you. It keeps us all together, even though physically we can’t all be at this time.

Public Health England have provided some updated guidance today with regards households who may have possible coronavirus infection:

and Guidance for Households who live with someone who is increased risk:

We have attached a shorter guide which is useful too.

We continue to provide weekly food vouchers and are available for Parents and Carers to contact us via along with the school telephone. Please leave a message, as there is not always a member of staff in the school office at this current time due to increased risk.

As of 20th April 2020, Lancashire Care and South Cumbria NHS Trust (LSCFT) have extended crisis support for children and young people to 24/7 provision. If a child or young person is experiencing a crisis with their mental health there is always someone to call with health professionals available to provide specialist support and advice seven days a week. This information has been emailed today. The Mental Health and Wellbeing Helpline also offers a 24/7 phone service and is available to everyone, irrespective of whether they are currently accessing a CAMHS service.

This is available on 0800 915 4640, or can be accessed by texting ‘Hello’ to 07860 022846.

As always, stay safe, take care, be kind to yourself and others and know that you are always in our thoughts.

Miss D












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