Exclusions Policy


Due note has been taken of the DCSF documents related to exclusions particularly “The Government’s Exclusion Policy” on improving behaviour and attendance. The school is committed to positive discrimination in supporting young people who present a wide range of unacceptable behaviours. These include violent or aggressive behaviour, damage to property disruption to the education of self and others. Consequently, sometimes a student may require time out of the formal school setting. 


These occasions will be:- 


  • Kept to a minimum 

  • Reported formally to parents/ carers and other agencies and the LEA 

  • Monitored and evaluated against the individual’s attendance/ behaviours and IEBP 

  • Provided with appropriate school work to keep up their education 




The school does offer a “no permanent exclusion policy” by working closely with the home and the Education Authority. This may mean that supported working at home or at another venue takes place and students are placed on Roselyn House School’s RHISE project. If, after concerted efforts it is understood that the individual cannot benefit from the opportunities provided, the school will recommend that a more suitable placement is sought. Meanwhile, we will try to ensure that education continues, although this may well be off-site. 


At times some individuals exhibit extreme behaviours which present the individual and/ or others from receiving their education. In these cases, we do reserve the right to arrange a “cooling off period” where the individual will be asked to stay at home for a prescribed length of time (a fixed term exclusion): whilst discussions take place with parents and/ or carers. 


A student’s placement at the school may be terminated if there is a change in circumstances and more suitable/ alternative provision can be found. These instances will be monitored and evaluated against the behavior management and positive handling plan.  The Education Authority and parents/ carers will be informed formally in writing. Likewise if the school is unable to meet the child’s needs or they have become unsafe under Health and Safety Responsibilities. 


An emergency meeting would normally be convened at the school and the decision made to end the placement agreed between the School and the Authority. Both the School and Placing Authority have to follow guidelines that are outlined in the ‘contract of placement’ and until a student is officially removed from the roll of Roselyn House School, work and support will be provided. 


Reviewed September 2016